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Your fresh aromatic herbs specialist since 1968
Tradition, research and innovation since three generations

Since 1968 we make Salamoia Bolognese®, checking all the supply chain from fields to the finished product. We use only picked up and processed aromatic herbs as tradition and carefully mixed with Italian sea salt, which has special granulometry and characteristics.

In the years we have added to Salamoia Bolognese® many other seasonings, aromatic herbs, spices and BioCaber products as well, certified by organic farming (certification by CCPB in Bologna).

In 1990 we launched a new product line called “Le Specialità”, made for exclusive distribution to the traditional retail shops such as butcheries, groceries, delicatessens and it’s made of some high quality products: oils, pasta, sauces, preserved fish products and others.

A very important milestone for our brand has been the year 2005, when Law 55, in support of the prevention of thyroid diseases, was promulgated. Thanks this law Ministry of Health promotes the use of iodized salts and the products containing it, so we took the chance to bring health innovation in our salty products manufacturing.
We have started a research agreement with the Department of Food Science of the University of Bologna, which led to Presal®, an Italian iodized protected sea salt in which iodine’s availability and its assimilation by human body are guaranteed even after cooking meals, as seen in laboratory analyzes and published clinical studies by the Endocrinology Department of the University of Pisa.

Presal®’s unique technology has allowed us to begin a new line of sea salt and seasonings with protected iodine, thus extending our brand in large-scale distribution and catering.

Today we are large Italian food companies’ partners: they use Presal® as an ingredient to create "Fonte di Iodio" label products.

After 50 years of activity, enthusiasm and passion for our work remain the same. We believe in products’ innovation and research, maintaining a bond to tradition

The strong will to bring the new generations closer to the world of aromatic herbs, aromas and their genuine flavors, in 2006 lead us to create our Aromatic Herb Garden.
The Garden is a land next to the production plant, planted with over 30 varieties of plants and aromatic herbs and organized in a didactic path specifically designed for schools, associations and invalid or elderly people communities’ free tours guided. Visit the online section Garden of Aromatic Herbs.


We apply methodologies approved by international standards for total quality certification and we carry out checks on raw materials, the production process and finished products, maintaining production batches to ensure quality and traceability.
We are a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified company guaranteeing high quality standards. We have also obtained the BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard) certifications for food safety and quality management.

Salamoia insaporitore per carni


Salamoia insaporitore per verdure



ISO 9001:2008

certificazione Cermet


certificazione BRC Food


certificazione Controllo Biologico


certificazione Controllo Biologico

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